Know Our Story


Kesari Jute Garden is an export-oriented unit specialized in the manufacturing of jute products. With its timeless efforts, dedication and the passion to excel, the company has established itself. We offer you various kinds of jute products. We have designed them so that they can fulfill various roles or requirements of your daily living.

We are enabled with superlative and modern machinery which is run under a skilled professional. Our firm walks side by side of the latest trends and thus is capable of delivering the most modern products. We have all the amenities which are required to manufacture a product which meets the industry standard. With emphasis on quality and commitment, the Company strives to create a better society, develop new and promising markets and keep the supply lines moving with quality products and services.

Our quality control department is manned by specially trained expert staff. The products of the company undergo comprehensive inspection and functional checks. Every step in the production process is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance system. From the purchase of raw materials to the packing of the finished products, each stage is carefully monitored to ensure that the activities of the company remain “eco-friendly”.

 The sole vision of the Company is to create environmentally friendly products conforming to International Standards. Our products are famed for being 100% eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. These products do not contain any chemicals at all which can prove to be harmful to the environment as well as human beings.